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Amla Tablets Bio Resurge
Amla and Bhringraj | how to stop hair fall
how to stop hair fall using Amla
Bio Resurge Amla
How To Use Amla Tablets
Amla Tablets Bio Resurge

    Amla & Bhringraj - Reduces Hairfall & Dandruff | Control Hair Fall Naturally

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    • It has anti oxidant properties and reduces hair fall, Cures Cold, Cures Eye Problem
    • Boost digestion and reduces Constipation.
    Short Description

    Amla & Bhringraj : Natural Hair Fall Control

    Amla is a natural herb that is rich in vitamin C. Amla helps to strengthen the immunity in the body. It is also beneficial to the eyes and acidity issues. It has anti-oxidant properties and also reduces hair fall and reduces Constipation. Bhringraj is useful for healthy hairs and helps to stop hairfall and promotes hair growth and also prevents hair from pre-mature greying and dandruff

    Key Benefits

    • Natural Vitamin C acts as a immunity booster
    • Helpful for Eye Health
    • Helps to manages Acidity & Heartburn
    • Promotes Hair Growth
    • Ayurvedic herbs to prevent pre-mature greying of hair
    • Helps in reducing dandruff
    • Helps in Constipation

    Directions for Use

    • Take 1-2 tablets twice daily or directed by the physician.


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    How to use?

    Take 1-2 tablets twice a day

    Take your tablets with food or on an empty stomach

    Swallow your tablets whole with half a glass of water

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    Frequently asked questions

    Does this lower cholesterol?
    There are a number of medical reports that suggest that Indian Gooseberry (Amla) has been effective in lowering LDL levels of cholesterol.
    How is this dried? Is it freeze dried or at what temperature?
    Our organic, whole herbs are minimally processed. The Amalaki, as well as our other herbs, are naturally air-dried after being hand-picked. We clean our herbs using a dry steam sanitization process.
    Is the name Amala & does this also helps in promoting hair growth ?
    it is not a specific product for hair growth, but improves cell renew. It´s an adaptogen so it would work in what your body needs
    Are all products by this company sourced from India?
    Yes, the herbs are sourced from farmers in India. Where they are grown, harvested, and then manufactured.
    Total how many tablets do we get?
    in one bottle 60 tablets , in pack of three it comes two bottles total 120 tablets