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Golden Glow Face Wash for glowing fair skin
Golden Glow Face Wash for glowing fair skin

    Golden Glow Face Wash for glowing fair skin

    ₹ 450
    • Anashwara Golden Glow face wash is very effective in reducing blemishes and treating acne.
    • It has anti-aging and antioxidant properties, protects and repairs the skin from harmful UV rays, pollution and other environmental factors
    • It is effective in reducing spots, marks and blemishes. Has anti-aging properties.
    Short Description
    The proportion of melanin pigment in the skin varies from place to place and climatic conditions. The sun rays and environmental elements enhance the melanin content in the skin resulting in a darker skin tone. Golden Glow Herbal Face Wash contains saffron and other potent herbal extracts which reduce the melanin pigment of the skin and make the skin lighter and smooth by removing dead cells.

    Why This Product
    Bio Resurge’s commitment to Ayurveda and in-depth knowledge of our ancient scriptures and Vedas has enabled and empowered us to create the best ayurvedic face creams for you. We understand different skin types and have formulated unique ayurvedic face creams suitable for everyone.

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