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Best hair oil for hairfall
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Padmakesh Nourishing Hair Oil to stop premature greying Bio Resurge

    Padmakesh Nourishing hair oil | Hair Fall Control, Reduces premature grey hair and Dandruff

    ₹ 300
    • Helps Nourish your Scalp
    • Helps to grow stronger hairs
    • Helps to Reduces Hair Fall and Dandruff
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    Short Description

    Ayurvedic Hair Oil to reduce Hair Fall

    Due to malnutrition & poor blood circulation through hair follicle , hair growth is affected. To sustain the beauty of hair, proper nourishment & blood supply are essential factors.
    Padmakesh hair oil is blend of natural oils infused with potent hair care herbs, which provides essential nutrients to the hair & protects the scalp from infections, dandruff & ultimately stops hair fall and is a completely ayurvedic 
    hair oil for hair fall.

    Key Benefits

    • Nourishes your Scalp
    • Helps to grow stronger hairs
    • Helps to Reduces Hair Fall
    • Helps to Reduces Dandruff

    Directions for Use

    • Massage sufficient amount on your Scalp.
    • Rinse with Cold Water.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Should I Warm This Oil Before Use?
    No need to warm hair oil before use. Apply the oil 2 hours before shower.
    Can I Use It Daily?
    Yes, you can use Hair Oil daily. Apply it on your hair about 30-45 mins before taking shower.
    Does It Cure Dandruff And Build-Up In Scalp ?
    Hair Oil does help in curing dandruff.
    Is There Any Chemical In This Oil?
    No, there is NO harmful chemicals in Ayurvedic Hair Oil.