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Benefits of Chat Chat Churan
benefits of Bio resurge chat chat churan
Chat Chat Churan
Bio Resurge CHAT-CHAT CHURAN: One piece MRP (Inclusive of all taxes):Rs.100/- Net Weight 100gm/
100 gm pack chat chat churan
Chat Chat Churan
Certified Churan from bio resurge
Chgat Chat churan back side
Chat Chat Churan made by Pure digestive herbs
all required certifications of chat chat churan
pack of 3 chat chat churan

    Bio Resurge CHAT-CHAT CHURAN: One piece MRP (Inclusive of all taxes):Rs.100/- Net Weight 100gm/

    ₹ 100
    Short Description

    Bio Resurge CHAT-CHAT CHURAN for Digestion 

    Get back on track towards a healthy digestive system with this Bio Resurge Chat Chat Churan blended with potent natural ingredients. This carefully crafted formula has black pepper powder, dry ginger, white cumin, and gooseberry extracts. It has pure extracts of nausadar, which helps treat mild ulcers, gastric issues, etc. The Bio Resurge Chat Chat Churan offers a flavorsome and healthy solution to treat stomach-related problems like constipation, uneasiness, indigestion, nausea, loss of appetite, and stomach aches. In our day-to-day life, there are days when we feel mild discomfort while digesting food, and that's where this churan comes into play. It helps transform your gut health by improving your digestive system. It has no harmful preservatives or additives and is 100% natural. The Ministry of AYUSH has recognized the formula & is GMP-certified to ensure its quality. To experience healthier and happier digestion. See the difference by yourself as you wake up feeling fresh and revitalized.

     Feature Benefits:

    • Bio Resurge Chat Chat Churan is a potent and herbal digestive formula enriched with the goodness of natural digestive ingredients such as white jeera, kali mirch, saunth, shudh nausadar, and amla that support healthy digestion.
    • Loaded with carminative herbs and pure digestive salts, this churan will help you control constipation, gastric issues, loss of appetite, and nausea. It further helps in dealing with stomach pain, indigestion, etc.
    • Bio Resurge Chat Chat Churan is free of artificial colorants and harmful preservatives and is GMP-certified to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.
    • It's time to get rid of that constant feeling of uneasiness; bring home this digestive formula to get a healthy gut. No more worries about constipation; you can tackle it with this ayurvedic blend with 100% natural
    • To consume this digestive powder, take 5-6 grams of churan with hot water at night. You will feel fresher and experience relief from constipation.

    Dosage:  5-6 gm after meals. 


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