Orange peel powder face scrub
Tan removal orange face scrub
Herbal face & body scrub with orange
Herbal face and body scrub with orange extract
orange peel scrub for dry skin
Orange Face Scrub for Bleaching and Exfoliating Bio Resurge
Orange Face Scrub for Exfoliating
Orange Face Scrub for Bleaching and Exfoliating Bio Resurge
Orange Face Scrub for Exfoliating
orange peel scrub for acne
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    Orange Face Scrub for Exfoliating

    ₹ 335
    • Real roses in the pack help to bring a rosy glow to the skin
    • Helps in skin tightening and reducing wrinkles
    • Makes skin soft and smooth and radiant
    • Helpful in reducing acne marks and spots
    • Suitable for all skin type
    Short Description

    Orange Exfoliation Face Scrub

    Proper exfoliation of the skin is important. Orange face scrub can dig down and exfoliate any buildup of dead cells and bring out your perfect complexion. Anashwara Orange face scrub has something that sets it apart from other cleansers & exfoliating beads. A face scrub is as essential for men as it is for women. Orange facial scrubs are important to keep the skin pores clean and open. It is enriched with the natural properties of orange. It cleanses and nourishes your skin & removes blemishes from your skin & makes skin soft and supple.

    Key Benefits

    • Exfoliates Skin
    • Keeps the Skin Pores Clean
    • Nourishes Your Skin

    How to use?

    Use water to wet your skin, Massage your skin gently with the facial scrub for one minute.

    Wipe with wet cotton or sponge or wash with water.

    Pat dry with towel and moisturize your skin. Use the scrub only once or twice per week.


    Extremely efficient in removing blackheads, whiteheads and scars

    natural anti oxidant and removes excess oil from skin

    Makes skin soft and smooth

    Reduces wrinkles and removes dead cells

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is It For All Skin Types?
    For all skin types
    It Removes Black Heads?
    yes, it gently buffs away all the rough dead skin cells, stubborn blackheads, tan and impurities. This face scrub has perfectly sized particles that aren’t rough on your skin and do not dry out the skin.
    After Using This Face Scrub We Need To Use Moisturizer?
    Yes moisturizer is must .
    Is It Good For Combination Skin?
    this Face scrub is suitable for combinational skin provided that you should apply a moisturizer after using the face scrub to give extra nourishment to your skin.