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Bio Resurge Gokshura Gokhru Tablet - 750 mg (60 Tablet): One piece MRP (Inclusive of all taxes):Rs.270/- Net Weight 45gm/
Bio Resurge Gokshura Gokhru Tablet - 750 mg (60 Tablet): One piece MRP (Inclusive of all taxes):Rs.270/- Net Weight 45gm/
Gokshura benefits for kidney
Ayurvedic Gokshura Medicine
Gokhru Tablets

    Bio Resurge Gokshura Gokhru Tablet - 750 mg (60 Tablet): One piece MRP (Inclusive of all taxes):Rs.270/- Net Weight 45gm/

    ₹ 270
    Short Description

    Bio Resurge Gokshura Gokhru Tablet

    Have you been fed up dealing with low-strength issues? Do not worry; discover the
    Ayurvedic secret to improved energy and well-being with Bio Resurge Gokshura Gokhru
    Tablets. It is a traditional remedy and a natural supplement that harnesses the power of
    Gokhru to enhance various aspects of your health. Gokhru is a popular herb known for its
    ability to encourage kidney function, making it an excellent alternative for individuals
    seeking optimal renal health. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in muscle formation, making it
    a valuable addition to fitness enthusiasts' regimens. One prominent aspect of these Gokhru
    tablets is the use of Gokhru Gokshura Beej Powder in the formulation. This assures that
    you receive the full spectrum of Gokhru's benefits in every tablet. Whether you want to
    improve your overall kidney function, manage libido disorders, or support muscle growth,
    Bio Resurge Gokshura Tablets has your back. Every bottle holds 60 tablets, providing you
    with a convenient supply for 30 to 60 days. Developed in a GMP-certified facility, this product
    meets the highest quality standards. It is backed by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government
    of India, securing its quality and safety. Experience the boosting effects of Gokhru with Bio
    Resurge Gokshura Gokhru Tablets. To maximize the effectiveness of this natural remedy,
    take 1-2 tablets daily or follow your physician's instructions.

    Key Benefits

    • Bio Resurge Gokshura Tablet helps optimal kidney function, stimulating overall
      renal well-being. Experience improved kidney health with this natural elixir.
      ● Combat libido disorders effectively with Gokhru. This herbal supplement helps
      manage and improve your sexual vitality, heightening a fulfilling, intimate life.
      ● Gokhru plays an important role in muscle growth. Bring Bio Resurge Gokshura
      Tablet into your fitness routine for effective muscle-building support.
      ● Our tablets are expertly crafted using Gokhru Gokshura Beej Powder, assuring you
      receive the full advantage of this herb in every dose.
      ● Each bottle has 60 tablets, providing you with a convenient 30 to 60-day supply.
      Elevate your sexual health, kidney function, and more with Bio Resurge Gokshura

    Directions for Use

    • Take 1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by the physician


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    How to use?

    Take 1-2 tablets twice a day

    Take your tablets with food or on an empty stomach

    Swallow your tablets whole with half a glass of water

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    Frequently asked questions

    Does It Helps In Increasing Muscles?
    Yes, it boost our testosterone level which causes in muscle gain
    What Is Nutrition In Product
    Its pure herb
    Can I Use For Weight And Muscle Gain ?
    It would help passively, but you still need to work out and eat healthy.
    How Many Tablets Are There ?
    per bottle 60 tablets
    How Much Mg Is There