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Safed Musli
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Safed Musli pack of two

    Bio Resurge Safed Musli Tablets | Exctract of Safed musli for energy & stamina in Men & Women body | 750 mg (60 tablets):One piece MRP (Inclusive of all taxes):Rs.270/- Net Weight 45gm/

    ₹ 280
    Short Description

    Bio Resurge Safed Musli Tablets | Exctract of Safed musli for energy & stamina in Men & Women body | 750 mg (60 tablets)

    Bio Resurge always believes in providing organic, ayurvedic-backed, authentic products to its consumers. This time, we are introducing pure and natural safed musli tablets to help you regain the lost energy and improve your natural performance. It's time to take your well-being to the next level by consuming this natural source of vitality and holistic health.

    Using 100% organic safed musli powder extracts, these tablets provide ayurvedic care for
    both men and women. If you are fed up with fatigue and weakness, do not worry; these
    tablets are prepared to enhance your overall strength and stamina. Aside from the benefits

    of Safed Musli Tablets, it also promotes digestive wellness, which means your body
    absorbs nutrients more efficiently, resulting in a better quality of life. Rest assured of the
    quality as the Bio Resurge Safed Musli Tablets are chemical free, 100% Natural, GMP & AYUSH certified with a tag of safely manufactured under a strict, closed automated
    environment. Besides providing various health benefits, these tablets will also improve your
    gut health, boost your digestion, and help your body to soak in nutrients properly. It also
    helps in dealing with joint pains and reduces discomfort. 

    Key Benefits

    • ● If you want to lead a vibrant and energetic life, Bio Resurge Safed Musli Tablets is
      here to rescue you. Safed musli is known to be a natural energy booster that
      provides strength and increases vitality.
      ● Due to its fibre-rich properties, these tablets help improve the gut health of individuals
      and support digestive wellness. This act eventually helps your body to absorb more
      nutrients for good overall well-being.
      ● Experience a boost in your immunity by getting these 100 % organic safed musli
      tablets. If you consume this tablet consistently, you will notice enhanced immunity
      and better strength.
      ● It comes as a boon for people facing joint pain at an early age. The pure extract of
      safed musli helps reduce joint discomfort and fades the pain gradually to help you
      experience an active lifestyle.
      ● The Bio Resurge Safed Musli Tablets is a quality product as it holds GMP and
      AYUSH certifications from the Indian government. These tablets are made chemical-free and manufactured in a closed, automated environment to ensure you get the best.

    Directions for Use

    • 1-2 tablets twice a day or as directed by your physician.

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    How to use?

    Take 1-2 tablets twice a day

    Take your tablets with food or on an empty stomach

    Swallow your tablets whole with half a glass of water

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are Safed Musli Tablets?
    Safed Musli known for their potential benefits on male reproductive health.
    Are these Tablets Suitable For Vegetarians/Vegans?
    Yes, these are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as they are made with natural plant extracts and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.
    How To Consume This Product?
    You can take it with water or lukewarm milk 1 or 2 tablet twice a day
    Can ladies use this product?
    Yes it can be used by women.