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Biocalx Calcium Supplement Bio Resurge
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Bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis
Biocalx Calcium Supplement Bio Resurge
Biocalx Calcium Supplement Bio Resurge
Biocalx Calcium Supplement Bio Resurge
Biocalx Calcium Supplement Bio Resurge

    Biocalx Calcium Tablets | Supplement For Strong Bones | Reduces Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

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    • Useful in musculoskeletal pain.
    • Helps in absorption of vitamins
    • Strong bones. Relief from pain in the body i.e. knees, waist, and other joints.
    • Increased strength. Cleansing of blood vessels.
    • Improvement in eyesight.
    • Improvement in health of hairs.
    • Glowing skin.
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    Short Description

    Biocalx Calcium Tablets | Helps in Bone Health & Arthritis

    With advancement in age, calcium depletes from the bones resulting in porous and weak bones prone to breaking. Deficiency of calcium results in non absorption of nutrients in the body thereby causing further problems. Most of the calcium supplement in the market are not natural and when you take such a calcium supplement, only a small fraction is absorbed by the bones and rest is rejected by the body. Bioresurge BioCalx is 100% natural calcium tablets for men and women that is absorbed by the bones resulting in strong bones and also helps in absorption of natural nutrients from the food we eat thereby contributing to our excellent health.

    Key Benefits

    • 100% Natural Calcium Tablets
    • Helps in absorption of Minerals


    • 1-2 tablets twice daily or directed by the physician.

    How to use?

    Take 1-2 tablets twice a day

    Take your tablets with food or on an empty stomach

    Swallow your tablets whole with half a glass of water

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    Frequently asked questions

    How many tablets in a bottle
    60 tablets
    What is source of ingredients herbal or chemical?
    how to have the supplement
    It can be taken before or after meal, 1-2 tablets daily
    how much mg tablet is this ??