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Bio Resurge Litevate Herbal Tea For Weight Management And Weight Loss


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Quick Overview

"A unique combination of natural herbs that enhances your Metabolism and regulates Fat and Carbohydrate metabolism to control excess Fat. "


  • A unique combination of natural herbs

  • Enhances your Metabolism (BMR) and induces Thermogenesis

  • Natural Antioxidant energizes and refreshes body and mind

  • Regulates Fat and Carbohydrate metabolism

  • For best results combine it with Bio Resurge's Litevate Herbal tablets.

  • Loose weight – feel great

Key Ingredients: Green Tea is Potent antioxidant EGCG (Epigallocathechin gallate), a Catechin boost metabolism; Arjuna is Anti hyperlipidemic; Tulsi is Anti oxidant; Dalchini and Saunth are Digestant and induces thermogenesis and Saunf is Appetizer and Digestant.

Packing: 30 Tea Bags X 02 gms