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Amalaki Rasayan-the Elixir of Life - Natural Vitamin C
Amalaki Rasayan-the Elixir of Life - Natural Vitamin C

    Amalaki Rasayan-the Elixir of Life - Natural Vitamin C

    ₹ 390
    • It may help manage high blood pressure
    • It may lower your risk of heart diseases by reducing the factors responsible for it by reducing bad cholesterol I.E ldl and triglycerides
    • It may reduce blood uric acid level and help prevent gout attack.
    • It helps prevent iron deficiency by improving the absorption of iron from the diet
    • It boosts immunity by encouraging the protection of white blood cells known as lynphocytes and phagocytes
    • it helps white blood cells function effectively by protecting them from harmful molecules such as free radicals
    • It protects your memory and thinking as you age
    • It helps protect against dementia that sets in due to oxidative stress and inflammation near the central nervous system.
    Short Description

    Vitamin c is the most important integral part of our body's defense system and fights against major diseases.
    Almost all the vitamin c available in the market in form of tablets and other forms is ascorbic acid and is artificially manufactured in the factories. Our body absorbs only a fraction of this and the rest is expelled through urine.
    Bio resurge Amalaki rasayan is strictly 100% natural and is prepared from the juices and powder of several amla's processed 100 times over a period of several months.
    After this ayurvedic process, one will get a concentrated form of vitamin c. Moreover, synthetic vitamin c may cause hyperacidity over prolonged use while natural vitamin c has no harmful effects.
    Why This Product
    • Prevents against common cold
    • Reduces cancer risk
    • Protects against eye diseases
    • It may treat lead toxicity

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