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Ayurvedic Syrups

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  1. Bio Resurge Femisurg Syrup for Balancing Hormonal & Reduce Inflammation

    Do you face menstrual related problems?
    Bio Resurge "Femisurg Syrup" is the right Answer for you. As it restores FSH and LH levels to enhance ovulation. Relieves anxiety and stress.
    • Health tonic for woman as its natural goodness keeps women healthy and vigorous
    • Strengthens Endometrium and promotes maturation of Follicles
    • Contains combination of time tested Ayurvedic ingredients
    • Balances the hormonal secretion & Reduces inflammation
    • Restores FSH and LH levels to enhance ovulation
    • Relieves anxiety and stress
  2. Bio Resurge Ayurveda Medicine for liver problem

    • Combination of time tested herbs & extracts
    • Normalizes elevated liver enzymes
    • Detoxifies and Protects hepatocytes
    • Ensures optimum liver function. Improves appetite and digestion
    • Protects the liver cells from external toxins & activate liver function during malfunctioning of liver with no side effect
    • Feel The Difference From Day One
  3. Bio Resurge Regustrol Ayurveda Heart Tonic and reduce total cholesterol 200 ML

    • It is Combination of ayurvedic herbs & extracts
    • Lowers the LDL cholesterol, triglycerides & improves the HDL Cholesterol.
    • Protects the heart from threatening cardiac disease, with no side effects
    • Prevents hardening of arteries, strengthens cardio-vascular system and improves Ejection Fraction.
    • Feel The Difference From Day One
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3 Item(s)