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According to Ayurveda, when ‘pitta’ aggravates it increases the body heat. This increase in body heat is sudden and undesirable, and results in disruption of normal metabolism and chemical imbalance in the body. Thus, it is often recommended to reduce body heat. Most of the oil tends to warm body temperature. Bio Resurge Body Cooling Oil is a judicious mix of natural cooling herbs formulated to lower body temperature. It is a boon for countries having long summer i.e. India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Asia Pacific Region, African Countries and South East Asia. When applied, it lowers the body temperature so as to one feel cool and comfortable. Perfect for a whole body massage. This massage oil is formulated with Peppermint, Sandalwood and other essential oils particularly for Pitta types.
Bio Resurge All Round Oral Care Mouthwash specially formulated with an active combination of Neem, Spearmint and Clove provides complete protection to strengthen gums and teeth. It kills oral germs, gives day long fresh breath and protection from cavities to provide healthier oral hygiene.
Herbal toothpaste with the goodness of Spear Mint essence and herbal extracts for complete oral care. Menthol form SpearMint is a natural cooling and refreshing agent provides fresh breath whole day. Neem and Fennel having anti microbial properties kills oral bacteria.
Herbal toothpaste with the goodness of Clove oil and herbal extracts for complete oral care. Eugenol in Clove Oil gives you rapid and lasting relief from tooth sensitivity. Tulsi and Neem having antioxidant properties helps fight cavities and swelling of gums.
An excellent scented face wash with moisturizing, nourishing and anti-oxidant properties. Vetiver with its cool and refreshing benefits tightens skin pores and relaxes mind. Hydrates and balances pH level of the skin.
With our Anashwara Carrot Skin Nourishing Cream, say goodbye to wrinkles and facial lines. Loaded with Vitamin-A&C & Anti-oxidants, this cream is perfect for a healthy looking vibrant skin that will make you look much younger.
Fennel increases skin immunity and helps to form collagen hence repair skin cells. Beauty benefits of fennel with aloe vera and natural oil prevents acne by improving the skin tone and gives you a glowing and flawless skin. Essential minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, selenium and vitamins present in fennel seeds give a younger look to skin.
This cream helps in increasing blood circulation and brightens the skin complexion. It also removes skin toxin and has anti allergic effect, which appear in allergic skin rashes and urticaria. If your skin rashes are making you sad, you need to avail our exotic Cardamom Skin Nourishing Cream.
Exotic Cumin Nourishing Cream offers vitamin A, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals & fatty acids, which helps in slowing down the ageing of the skin. Prevents wrinkles and sagging of skin. Helps in removing extra oil from skin. So, stop worrying and flaunt that radiant youthful face.
With rich source of Vitamin C, Folate and Potassium, Vitamin A, E, B6, Thiamine, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc & high amount of Citric Acid make your skin look young and flawless. The cream tightens & lightens the skin.
Anashwara Mint Nourishing Cream is made with a perfect blend of mint herbs that helps in soothing the skin and also reduces various other skin allergies.
Anashwara Papaya Nourishing Cream is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, folate, magnesium and potassium. Hence, it also acts as powerful anti ageing cream.
Stop worrying about your skin and get rid of ugly spots with our Anashwara Cucumber Skin Nourishing Cream. The silica in cucumber helps in soothing the skin with its cooling effect and reduces dark circles, treats sun burn with soothing effect & gives you a perfect look that you can flaunt.