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Bio Resurge Livosurg Syrup (200 ml Pet Bottle)

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A comprehensive natural liver activator. SILYMARIN & Dughd Pheni is a potent Antioxidant, Hepato-protective and Anti-hepatotoxic; Bhui Amla is Choleretic, Chologouge and Anti Cholestatic; Kutaki & Bhringraj are Hepato-protective and exhibits anti HBsAg like activity; Punarnava & Daru Haldi are Exerts Anti-inflammatory effect and Kalmegh is immuno-modulator and anti oxidant.

Liver is main metabolic centre in the body. Malfunctioning of liver causes various health conditions like loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, low immunity, etc. Livosurg Syrup is combination of time tested herbs & extracts, which protects the liver cells from external toxins & activate liver function during malfunctioning of liver with no side effect. Normalizes elevated liver enzymes. Detoxifies and Protects hepatocytes. Ensures optimum liver function. Improves appetite and digestion.


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