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Ayurvedic Health Care

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  1. Bio Resurge Litevate Tablets (6 Stirps X 10 Tablets)

    Litevate is a combination of ayurvedic herbs, which regulates BMR & inhibit excess calorie intake & checks conversion of excess carbohydrate into fat & retention of excess water in the body. Prevents fatty tissue development (Lipogenesis). Enhances serotonin hormone to control excessive appetite. Controls lipid level. For best results use with Bio Resurge's Litevate Herbal Tea.

  2. Bio Junior Protein Powder to improves child memory & physical growth (5 gm X 30 Sachets)

    A nutritional health supplement for children between the ages of two and ten. It contains unique herbal ingredients and essential micronutrients and macronutrients that promote physical and mental growth, build immunity and provide balanced nutrition.

    Helpful to control ovary cyst.

    The Cystowell tablet is a combination of herbal ingredients, which helps to balance hormones & regulates the process of ovulation. It eliminates the process of cyst formation in ovary & facilitate the conditions for conception in the body.

  4. Bio Resurge Arthosurg Pain Relief Oil (60 ml Flip Top Bottle)

    A Powerful Muscle Relaxant and Pain Reliever. Shallaki, Harshringar & Ambahaldi acts as strong Analgesic and powerful Anti-inflammatory agent; Gandhpura and Karpur oil act as counter irritant and analgesic, quickly absorbs and penetrates deeply for instant pain relief; Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Clove oil are Potent Rubefacient and enhances local blood circulation to reduce swelling and pain. Arthosurg Pain Relief Oil is effective to relieve pain and improves lubrications in joints. Feel the difference from day one.

  5. Bio Resurge Arthosurg-G (Tablets 3 Strips X 10 Tablets)

    Arthosurg – G tablets is a combination of herbal extracts, which delivers prompt relief to all the patients suffering from Gout with sudden burning pain, stiffness & swelling in joints. Arthosurg –G tablet contains flavonoids having Hypouricemic effect by inhibiting Xanthine oxidase enzyme, involved in uric acid metabolism.

  6. Bio Resurge Arthosurg-RA Tablets (3 Strips X 10 Tablets)

    Arthosurg – RA tablets is a combination of herbal extracts. It exhibits potent Immuno-Modulators and Anti-Oxidants & delivers prompt relief by reducing swelling, morning stiffness and also improves mobility in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  7. Bio Resurge Pulmosurg Tablet (Box of 10 Tablets X 3 Strips)

    It's effective in Allergic Bronchitis, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis & Bronchial Asthma, etc. Feel the difference from day one

  8. Bio Resurge Regustrol Syrup (200 ml Pet Bottle)

    A cardiac tonic for healthy heart. Arjun contains arjunolic acid & beta-setosterol that reduces total cholesterol & triglyceride levels. Co-enzyme Q10 protects heart against Atherosclerosis caused by LDL cholesterol oxidation. Maintains healthy blood pressure and promotes cardio-respiratory endurance; Guggul is Guggulsterone, which lowers hyperlipidemia through liver Lipolysis, inhibits the biosynthesis of hepatic cholesterol; Triphla detoxifies the body, improves assimilation, digestion and absorption of food. Potent antioxidant strengthens immunity power; Methi is steroidal saponins inhibits cholesterol absorption and synthesis in intestines and Jatamansi normalizes blood pressure, relieve stress and induces sleep.

  9. Bio Resurge Amlamukt Tablets (3 Strips X 10 Tablets)

    Hyper acidity is most common disorder of digestive system, which is comprised of gastric irritability, heartburn & spasm in stomach due to high & irregular secretion of acid. Amlamukt is an effective ayurvedic composition for hyper acidity, heartburn & gastric ulcers, which provide immediate relief from hyper acidity by neutralizing the excess acid in stomach & also normalizes acid secretion which helps in healing of gastric ulcers & relieve spasm. Relieves indigestion and abdominal distension.
  10. Bio Resurge Arthosurg-OA (Tablet 3 strips X 10 tablets)

    Arthosurg – OA tablets is a combination of herbal extracts & mineral, having anti-oxidant and nutritive effect which improves synovium, minimizes cartilage destruction and stops disease progression without any side effects. It provides natural calcium; hence, improves bone density. Strong Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory agents reduces pain and swelling.

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