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Hair Care

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  1. Bio Resurge Padmakesh Hair Spa Kit for stop hair fall, remove dandruff

    Padmakesh's hair spa kit is everything you will need to stop hair fall, remove dandruff, battle premature greying and an itchy scalp. This kit consists of our herbal hair cleanser, nourishing hair oil, Padmakesh stop hair fall pack and Padmakesh shilajit hair pack. This makes for a great gift.

  2. Bio Resurge Padmakesh Herbal Hair Oil to stop premature greying, remove dandruff, acne and faster growth 100 Ml

    Due to malnutrition & poor blood circulation through hair follicle , hair growth is affected. To sustain the beauty of hair, proper nourishment & blood supply are essential factors. Padmakesh hair oil is blend of natural oils infused with potent hair care herbs, which provides essential nutrients to the hair & protects the scalp from infections, dandruff & ultimately stops hair fall & improve hair health.

  3. Bio Resurge Padmakesh Herbal Hair Wash Shampoo stop Hair fall, dandruff and stop Premature greying

    It's Effective in dandruff & Hair fall. Feel the difference from day one.
  4. Bio Resurge Padmakesh pack to stop Hair fall completely and remove dandruff, 75 Ml

    It's effective in Stop Hair Fall. Feel the difference from day one
  5. Bio Resurge Padmakesh Shilajit Natural Hair Pack growth for stronger and thicker hair, 75 Gm

    Complete Hair Care.Suitable For All Types of Hair. Enjoy Faster and Stronger Hair Growth.For best results use with Bio Resurge's Padmakesh herbal hair wash Shampoo.

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5 Item(s)